Divorce Mediation with a Certified Couple & Family Therapist

If you’re considering separation or divorce…
Before you turn to a combative lawyer, come and consult with me about the options available to you.

Divorce can be done in a way that safeguards your interests and those of your children.

  • Rather than spending your hard-earned savings on a nasty legal process
  • Rather than turning your life into a living hell for two years or more
  • Rather than harming your children with an “impossible” situation in which their parents
    treat each other with suspicion and disrespect

I possess the sensitivity and experience to help you communicate and reach decisions 
that will serve you well for many years to come.

I offer divorce mediation at a lower cost than mediators who are lawyers, and with the
professional direction of a certified and experienced couple and family therapist.

This enables us to deal with both the emotional and the substantive issues, including a
comprehensive parenting plan (child custody, responsibilities and scheduling), maintenance
payments and division of property
. Once the decisions have been made, a lawyer will draft the
legal agreement for a reasonable and pre-set price.

Don't let your anger, resentment or helplessness lead you to a lawyer’s office, as this typically
results in an escalating struggle that can be devastating both financially and emotionally.
Even the well-intentioned advice of friends and family members may cost you dearly.

Call me to set up a discounted consultation, with no obligation, at 054-8103550.

As an experienced Family Therapist, I can guide you to decisions which better address the needs of each family member.
If the kids are old enough, I offer the option of having them meet with me so that they feel a part of the process and that they too were consulted.

I will typically have a lawyer join us for one or two meetings to help in exploring financial issues, options, and consequences. When necessary, the advice of other experts such as accountants and appraisers is also sought. Every effort is made to divide assets with the minimum amount of financial disruption and to put both parties in the best possible financial position that the available assets will allow.

Mediation is recognized by the Israeli legal system as an effective and efficient process, and agreements brought before the courts are given priority for ratification. With mediation, you can avoid much of the pain, nerves, costs and waste of time that are involved in a legal process.

The manner in which you divorce is one of the most important decisions in your life, as it will have tremendous bearing on your quality of life and that of your children for many years to come.

“We wanted to do what’s best for our kids, but didn’t know how to navigate the intense emotions. With Randy’s skilled help, we created an agreement that enabled all of us to continue forward with our lives from a position of strength and safety.” Anat (pseudonym)



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