As a native of Canada, I also provide therapy, mediation and counseling services in English.
Sessions may be conducted remotely, via Zoom, Skype or Whatsapp.
Feel free to call me at 054-810-3550 to schedule a discounted introductory consultation.

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Counseling and Therapy: for Individuals, Couples or Families
Family & Divorce Mediation
Collaborative Divorce

Counseling and Therapy: for Individuals, Couples or Families

Randy Tischler – Personal, Couple and Family Therapy, Mediation, Collaborative Divorce

There are times in our lives when we can all benefit from sensitive and experienced counseling –  a caring therapist who will listen patiently, assist us in expressing our pain or confusion, and guide us to new understandings and behaviors that will help achieve our goals.
There’s really no good reason to suffer on your own

• It may be a personal impasse, when confusion, low energy or anxiety keeps you from moving forward with clarity and a sense of purpose.

• You may feel stuck in unsupportive or destructive patterns with your spouse or partner, that sap your joy of life and create a toxic environment for the entire family.

• You may be struggling with an uncooperative teenager who has resorted to maladaptive behaviors, or you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands and needs of an aging parent.

In a convenient and confidential setting, I offer a safe and supportive atmosphere to explore issues, develop understanding and improve communication within the family. Many clients come when they are intensely upset and experiencing pain but others come to address problems at an early stage or even to prevent difficulties from arising.
Call for a discounted introductory consultation.

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Divorce Mediation

Couples considering divorce or separation are usually experiencing varying degrees of anger, stress, resentment, rejection, disappointment, helplessness and loss. The need to feel supported often leads them to a lawyer’s office, which typically results in an escalating competitive struggle that can be devastating both financially and emotionally. So before you consult a lawyer…!

Speak with me about Divorce Mediation as a respectful, non-competitive alternative. Together, we can discuss the issues and create a divorce agreement that will leave all the members of your family better able to move forward with your lives.

Divorce Mediation with a family therapist enables us to deal both with the emotional and the substantive issues around division of marital property, spousal support, child support and parenting arrangements.

Parties considering mediation are sometimes fearful of having to make decisions on matters in which they have little experience or knowledge. An option exists to have a legal mediator join us for one or two of the meetings to help in exploring specific issues, options, and consequences. When necessary, the advice of other experts such as accountants and appraisers is also sought.

Every effort is made to divide assets with the minimum amount of financial disruption and to put both parties in the best possible financial position that the available assets will allow.

Mediation is a means of resolving conflict by developing optimal agreement by all parties in a structured, non-adversarial process.  Whether the disagreement involves wills, inheritance or day-to-day household or parenting issues, I can assist with sensitive and skilled assistance.

The mediation process includes:
1. Enabling each party to present their perspective of the issue.
2. Understanding the interests and needs that underlie each party’s positions.
3. Compiling a comprehensive list of the resources available to meet those interests and needs.
4. Developing creative alternatives for resolving the conflict, in ways that satisfy all parties.
5. Jointly analyzing the relative merits of each alternative, until agreement is reached on the best solution for all sides.

Rather than living with ongoing conflict or resorting to the legal system for resolution, call a discounted introductory consultation.

"It seemed that going to court was the only way to resolve our bitter, 3-year-long dispute. Randy’s understanding of our individual needs, his continued patience and, ultimately, his powers of subtle persuasion helped us overcome our differences and reach an agreement. There is no doubt that, by doing so, he enabled us to avoid the enormous amount of extra pain, not to mention expense, that litigation would have incurred.” LN

An agreement that addresses, and is respectful of, the needs of both parties is more likely to be honored than one that does not. Settlements reached through adversarial processes have a very poor record of performance.
If you would like to learn more, call for a discounted introductory consultation.

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Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative Divorce was developed in the United States in the 1990s, to restructure the relationship and property between husband and wife out of court, while promoting the resilience and benefits of the family unit. This model includes supportive therapists and lawyers, who help your family cope with the reality and consequences of divorce, reduce conflict, and focus on solutions while encouraging healing throughout the divorce process.

Divorcing couples are typically overwhelmed with anger and resentment, reducing their ability to make decisions or take actions that serve their long-term interests. While drafting a divorce agreement through Mediation is the most efficient route, the process may break down due to power or knowledge imbalances, intimidation or emotionality, driving the couple to litigation. In litigation, the parties give up control of the process to an attorney (who has an interest in protracted conflict) and control of the result to a judge who applies laws and precedents that rarely optimally suit the needs of a particular family.

Collaborative Divorce leaves the parties in charge of their own resolution and destiny. The Collaborative Team suggests and provides creative and appropriate options, solutions and compromises, taking the children’s interests into account. The parties decide the terms of their divorce, not the lawyers or judge. When the terms of the agreement are agreed, it is translated into a legally-binding document.

Collaborative Divorce is substantially less costly than going to court, and is unique in being fully focused on the quality of life and ongoing communication of the family members. The professionals function as a single integrated team, sharing information and insights to save time and money and promote the well-being of the couple and children.

Randy Tischler is associated with the following Collaborative Divorce practice groups:
Smart Divorce (, based in Tel Aviv.
Divorcing Peacefully (, in the Sharon region.

You are invited to review English-language materials here.
To learn more, call for a discounted introductory consultation.

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