Individual Counseling & Therapy

(for Couple Counseling see below)

Life is rarely simple or unidimensional. We all carry with us past injuries and fears, which affect the choices we make and the ways in which we respond to people and events. Individual counseling provides the insight and encouragement to move forward in the process of discovery and integration.
Some people come for a few sessions. Many benefit from a longer therapeutic relationship.
There are no rules or obligations.
Some of my clients are curious about what "makes them tick" and are seeking to be better aligned with themselves and their potential. Others are looking for help with specific issues, such as:

  • Feeling in crisis or experiencing significant change
  • Experiencing anxiety or low motivation
  • Issues from a painful past keep getting in the way
  • Relationships with others are conflictual or troubled
  • Feeling disappointed with oneself or one's life
  • Seeking guidance and support during life transitions
  • Coping with illness in the family
  • Needing to talk with someone objective
  • Spend a lot of time regretting the past and fearing the future

No problem is too big or too small. If it's troubling you, it's worth dealing with it. Problems may be repressed, but they rarely go away.

The therapeutic relationship is an intimate one and it is important to find a counselor whose values, beliefs and approach resonate with your own. This relationship must be built on trust and good rapport.

I ensure that you feel understood, safe and respected.

Utilizing a wide range of therapy methodologies, we explore your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values, behaviors, relationships and circumstances, and as these relate to your past, present and future. I am experienced in working with individuals who have suffered significant childhood or adult trauma, including EMDR. And I am LGBT-friendly.

I believe that each and every person is inherently competent and has the resources necessary for positive change. We will discover what helps and what hinders you, and build on your inner strengths.

Don’t hesitate to call me at 054-8103550 to set up a discounted introductory consultation.

Couple Counseling & Therapy
Differences in personal needs and development are inevitable. Each of us lives an internal reality comprised
of hopes and expectations, fears and sensitivities, which complicate our common quest for a nurturing relationship.

As an experienced couple & family therapist and psychotherapist, I assist in identifying and dealing with not only the presenting issues (around roles, child care, sexuality, etc.), but also the personal and interpersonal roots of the difficulties.

In a caring and focused way, you will receive tools which deepen your mutual listening, empathy and intimacy. Therapy is an excellent place for a couple to invest in their quality of life together.

“With Randy’s gentle direction, we successfully touched the core issues in our relationship, and reached a point where we truly understand one another and provide the support and encouragement that both of us so needed!”  (Yoram, Ramat Hasharon)

Don’t hesitate to call me at 054-8103550 to set up a discounted introductory consultation.



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